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Introducing NMAC SignatureFLEX


SignatureFLEX provides peace of mind and affordability to drivers concerned by lease mileage limits and overage fees. This mileage purchase option allows NMAC lessees to purchase additional miles at a discount of up to 60% versus the standard end-of-lease usage fees.*

SignatureFLEX Benefits:

  • ✔ Savings: Avoid end-of-lease overage penalties by purchasing miles at a discount ($0.10/mi)
  • ✔ Flexibility: Additional miles can be purchased at any time up to 30 days before the lease end date
  • ✔ Seamless: Track and purchase miles through the NMAC customer portal or mobile app
  • ✔ Peace of Mind: Personalized notifications alert the driver if they are nearing the end of their mileage allowance (requires NissanConnect)
  • ✔ Optimize Benefits: Minimize expenses by combining with other flexible SignatureLEASE options

To learn more about SignatureFLEX Lease, please visit www.nissanusa.com/signatureflexlease today!

*The NMAC SignatureFlex Lease Program is available on any Nissan Model Year 2022 or newer from new dealer stock financed through Nissan Motor Acceptance Company (NMAC) with a lease inception date of 2/1/2023 or later. After lease signing, Program Lessee can purchase additional mileage at $0.10 per mile through the NMAC customer portal or mobile app up to 30 days before Program Lessee's lease maturity date provided Program Lessee’s account is current and in good financial standing as solely determined by NMAC. Purchase of additional mileage is subject to sales tax. No refund or credit on unused miles. Subject to residency restrictions. At lease end, pay excess wear & use plus $0.15 per mile for mileage over the original lease agreements of 15,000 mile per year or 12,000 per year, plus any additional mileage purchased during the lease term) or $0.25 per mile (for mileage over the original lease agreement of 10,000 per year or 5,000 miles per year, plus any additional mileage purchased during the lease term). Disposition fee due at lease end if Program Lessee does not exercise the purchase option. No security deposit required. Other restrictions apply. Contact participating dealer for details. Offer is subject to change at any time and/or is subject to termination without notice.